Hello ECO Friendly Catering Ranges!

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After many years of working in an Adelaide party store I watched a lot of plastic plates, cutlery and table cloths walk out the door, most heading directly to land fill, I couldn't help but think of the bigger picture and BAM!!! POP Party On Paper was born.   

In line with our beginnings we are super excited to stock the Alpen Eco-friendly Catering range and will continue to try and source sustainable, compostable and biodegradable options where we can. Here's a bit about why we love the Alpen palm leaf range so much:

Areca leaf plates are made from the naturally shredded leaves of the tall and beautiful Areca Palm tree. Totally natural! Eco Friendly. No pulp, no starch, just a washed and pressed leaf.

100% compostable.  Break down within 60 days

Naturally biodegrades in fewer than 2 months after disposal

Made only of fallen palm leaves that are gathered, cleaned and pressed

You can comfortably hold the bowl or plate of hot food without burning your hand!

Can be used to cook food in oven up to 250 degrees for up to 45 minutes

Palm Leaf foodware is superior and is ideal for soups, curries or any other liquid foods

It’s perfectly safe to heat plates in the microwave for up to 2 minutes

Once Palm Leaf items have been used, they can be turned into earth enriching compost or they could be donated to farms as animal feed. The palm leaf itself varies in thickness from 2 to 4mm, as well as in colour and pattern, so you will find that the products vary in thickness, colour and pattern too.

A couple of more advantages of the product

1. Hygienic & Odourless

 2. Do not alter taste of the food on the plate

3. Freezer, Microwave & Oven Safe

 4. Leak Proof

 5. The strongest and most heat tolerant disposable plate

 6. Economical & Commercially Viable

 7. Biodegradable, Compostable & Sustainable

 8. 100% Natural, Non-Toxic & Organic

 9. Naturally biodegrade within 6-8 weeks

And if isn't enough to convince you to make the switch to a more sustainable alternative check out the info-graphics they provided us with :)